A new Thriller Live tour launched in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thriller Live tour in Riyadh, December 2019
© Tareq Del Rasheedito – Thriller Live tour cast performing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in December 2019

Thriller Live has reached a new country for the start of its new tour: Saudi Arabia. Hosting the musical for the first time, the production has made some adjustments in order to match the local culture in this conservative Kingdom. Watch some videos of the Thriller Live tour launched in Riyadh and learn more about the next destinations for the coming tour!

Saudi Arabia hosting Thriller Live tour

This year Middle East has been a major stage in Thriller Live world tour, as the only region where the musical has been scheduled apart from Europe. After having been performed in Kuwait and in the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of the year, the tribute show to Michael Jackson has stopped in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for 2 weeks.

As part of the government efforts to promote arts in the Kingdom, they set up one of the biggest entertainment festival in the country: the Riyadh Season. During more than 3 months, the capital is hosting many cultural events such as concerts or musicals. Thriller Live is one of them from November 29th to December 14th.

Adjustments for performing shows in the Middle East

The largest country in the Middle East is known for being one of the most conservative in the world. For a long time dissuading people from practicing any artistic discipline, the Kingdom opened up to entertainment only recently. However, shows in the Middle East have to be adjusted to match the local culture.

Same as in Kuwait and Dubai, shows in Saudi Arabia have also been adapted. Girls are wearing specific costumes with long-sleeves and wide pants. Some choreographies have also been changed in order to appear less suggestive. To name a few, they removed the entrance of a girl dancer wearing a red dress at the start of “Dangerous” and transformed some dance moves during “The way you make me feel”.

A renewed cast for Thriller Live tour 2019-2020

After the final show of the ten-year anniversary touring cast in Newmarket in July, Saudi Arabia is the first stop of the new Thriller Live world tour. This year the cast has faced a significant change. Only Kieran Alleyne (MJ), Danyul Fullard (dancer + MJ cover) and Britt Quentin (lead vocalist + resident director) have stayed in the show.

As often, cast members from previous years are back in the musical. Shows in Riyadh are the opportunity to watch Shaquille Hemmans, Adriana Louise and Joey James back performing Michael Jackson songs. About the dancers, Tony Ben Azouz and Ryan Josiah dance again on Thriller Live stage.

Most of the current tour cast is composed of new members. Singer Ceanté Harris is sharing the leading lady role with Adriana Louise, and Miles Anthony is joining male singers for the shows in Saudi Arabia.

About the dancers: Moly Francis, Joshua De La Garde, Natorii Illidge, Ondreea Kitching, Kia Pantazis, Eva Philips, Rhianna Richards, Nicolas De Souza and Jordan Jules Stock are making their debuts with Thriller Live.

This new Thriller Live tour launched in Riyadh will include stops in many countries in the coming months, especially in Europe: Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.

Videos from Riyadh shows

Watch “Beat it” in the video below:

© Video: Tareq Del Rasheedito on Youtube

Watch “Earth song” in the video below:

© Video: Tareq Del Rasheedito on Youtube

Watch “They don’t care about us” in the video below:

© Video: Tareq Del Rasheedito on Youtube

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