Amazing time with M-pact at “Amazing voice 2007”

Poster of Amazing Voice festival 2007 in Seoul, South Korea
© Amazing Voice – Poster of Amazing Voice festival 2007 in Seoul, South Korea

After becoming one of the most famous acapella group in America, M-pact is sharing his talent across the Pacific. Indeed, those 6 members will be on the stage of “Amazing voice 2007” at the Sejong center for the performing arts, in Seoul – South Korea.

For this special festival around acapella music, 4 groups shared the stage sometimes together and some other times on their own. “Amazing voice 2007” is a great occasion to discover artistic universes of 4 vocal ensembles among the best. Coming from all over the world, US group M-pact performed with:

  • First, The real group, from Sweden. The acapella group was founded in 1984 and originally composed of students at the Swedish royal college of music. Korea is a regular destination for the real group since they recorded music for TV ads or created songs for Korean movie.
  • Then, Australian vocal ensemble The idea of north, formed in Canberra in 1993. The quartet excels in various music styles like gospel or jazz. They made their international debuts by winning the famous acapella competition Harmony Sweepstakes in 2003.
  • Finally, Finnish group Rajaton is the most recently founded, in 1997, 2 years after M-pact. They mostly perform acapella, but also tour worldwide with symphonic orchestra. Their 6 members received a warm welcome for their tribute disc to ABBA in 2006.

Find out a mashup of a few titles sang by M-pact during “Amazing voice 2007” festival. The 6 acapella singers performed in this video 2 of their eponym disc released in 2006: “You need to know” and “Northwest passage”.

© Video: AmazingVoice08 Youtube channel

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