An ode to Michael Jackson by M-pact, 8 years later

An ode to Michael Jackson by M-pact

Michael Jackson suddenly passed away 8 years ago (on June 25th, 2009), leaving the world of music in shock. Following this tragic event, vocal group M-pact wrote a tribute to one of their inspiring genius, called “An ode to Michael Jackson”. Britt Quentin – part of M-pact then – also wrote a short text.

Michael Jackson always inspired many artists, from the time he started singing and certainly again for several coming decades.  So his death was a shock for everyone, and some of his admirers paid tributes in different ways. Then, M-pact chose to wrote a short tribute on their blog. To this end, each member of the acapella group shared their 5 favorite MJ songs. They also added an explanation of how the King of Pop influenced their lives and career. Below is the short tribute from Britt Quentin.

“As a young black lad who always sang really high, I grew up constantly being compared to Michael – and I hated it! I wanted to be my own voice/sound like ME, not like anybody else. When people told me, “wow, you sound like Michael Jackson”, I would cringe. As I got older and secretly started listening to his music, I began to understand that the man was truly a genius. As a young kid, his voice was as mature as people two/three times his age. And as he grew into adulthood, his performance abilities and artistry have made me realize that, in my own adult years, I should have been honored and humbled when people would compare the two of us… they still do… and I am.
My top 5 favorite MJ songs are:
1. PYT – I’ve always loved this groove, and the concept behind the lyric
2. Burn this disco out – not a hit of his, but one of my favorites: great horn riffs, and I love a good vamp!! (good job Quincy!!)
3. I can’t help it – again, not a hit of his, but… he sounds great on this tune, and it’s a totally different vibe for him. I’ll probably cover this song some day on a solo record (or some OTHER song on “Off the Wall”)
4. Remember the time – LOVE THIS TUNE. MJ has always had great BGVs on his records, that he usually sang himself. The video is fantastic too
5. Rock with you – I sing in a cover band that plays this tune a lot, and I use to think it was a cheesy attempt at pop singer trying to do something too “R & B – sounding” for his general style, but… wow, what a great tune it is, and Mike sounds great on it – and again – those BGVs!!!!! Can they be any tighter???? I sing a lot of MJ tunes, being in a cover band and all, but…this is my favorite to sing, by far.
RIP -“

Click here to read the entire post “An ode to Michael Jackson”. You can find accounts written by other M-pact members from that time.

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