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Sean Christopher and Britt Quentin promoting Thriller Live tour
© Express and star – Sean Christopher and Britt Quentin promoting Thriller Live tour

Britt Quentin keeps on singing Michael Jackson songs even for the tour promotion at each of its stop. He sang acapella versions of “Heal the world” and “Rock with you” for some media.

What can be better than singing to highlight the high quality of Thriller Live? Maybe a photoshoot in Michael Jackson’s costume throughout Belfast streets! Bystanders of the Northern Ireland capital city must have been very surprised to meet a man looking like Michael Jackson in their streets! Here is a summary of the latest appearances of Thriller Live cast in the media. Listen to these rare pieces of music, sang acapella and in solo.

Heal the world

This video is a first ever as Britt Quentin is introducing Cool FM to the musical with a song not included in this current version of the show. “Heal the world” would be in its proper place in Thriller Live tracks list but may be added one day. Still, you’ve got the occasion to hear it singing by a cast member, do not miss this opportunity!

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Rock with you

Next, a most common song which is part of the current show. Britt Quentin sings “Rock with you” for Belfast Live, with this beautiful acapella cover.

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A moonwalk lesson

Do you want to moonwalk like MJ? Britt Quentin and dancer Anthony gave a moonwalk lesson for Wales Online. Here is the video of this private class!

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