Backstage with Thriller Live in Kuwait

Thriller Live cast backstage during a show in Kuwait
© Insydo – Thriller Live cast backstage during a show in Kuwait

Since the beginning of 2019, Thriller Live has been touring in many European countries. But last month, the cast has left Europe for 2 weeks of shows in the Middle East. With a first week in Kuwait, and a second one in Dubai, it’ll be the second appearance of the concert that celebrates Michael Jackson’s music in that part of the world, after a short stay in the United Arab Emirates in 2011. Webzine insydo is taking us backstage with Thriller Live tour cast in Kuwait.

A rare backstage insight with Thriller Live cast

In order to promote Thriller Live performances in the Middle East, the digital magazine insydo is taking us backstage with Thriller Live in Kuwait for a short trip “Behind the scenes”. A rare event that is not to be missed!

The backstage insight highlights all the daily process of a touring show with the stage installation, rehearsals, interviews of main performers (resident director Britt Quentin and young Michael Jackson Isaiah Mason) as well as how every performance is running. A rare occasion to take a look at what is happening behind the curtain during a show: sit with the musicians, witness costumes change and watch short glimpses of the show itself.

The video also shows that some adaptations have been made specifically for the Middle East audience. Costumes have been adjusted to appear less suggestive in order to fit for the local culture there. We can notice that girls are dancing with pants under their dresses or with longer outfits for some choreographies, or that the “Dangerous” dresses have been swapped for the “Rockin’ Robin” ones.

Behind the scenes in Kuwait

Below is the retranscription of the video you can watch at the end of this article.

Insydo: We’re here at the stage production for Thriller Live. This is a concert that’s been performed for millions of people. We’re going to take you Behind the scenes to show you how all the action unfolds. Let’s go!

Britt Quentin: I’m Britt Quentin, resident director for Thriller Live. It’s a celebration of Michael’s music. It’s not really like a musical: there’s no story line, there’s no real acting or anything. It’s almost like a Michael Jackson concert. It’s a live band, it’s concert lighting, you know it’s loud. We have costume changes in every song. By the end of the show, everybody is on their feet dancing around just like if you were in a concert. I don’t think you get that very much in musicals.

Insydo: We all know Michael Jackson was so much more than music. He had so many iconic styles throughout the decades and they’re represented very well in the wardrobe for this show.

Thriller Live crew member: Each dancer has approximately 10 different costumes. This is Billie Jean’s jacket and one of his most famous accessories (showing Michael Jackson famous sparkling glove).

Insydo: This was everybody in the 80s. Now these are the quick change areas. They allow the performers to leave the stage and change their wardrobe. Sometimes they only get about 15 to 30 seconds to get that done sort of like (interviewer dressing quickly behind the curtain and coming back with the famous Michael Jackson’s Thriller red jacket). And back to the show!

Insydo: We’re crashing rehearsal right now. We gotta keep it down while the cast get prepared for the show. We’ll check them out though. One of the best things about the show is that they stay true to Michael’s choreography and you’ll see that in every performance on stage.

Insydo: We got really lucky, we just found little Michael played by this young man right here: Isaiah Mason. When you’re on stage and you are playing that character of little Michael you go back to the Jackson 5 days. What is it like?

Isaiah Mason: I mean it’s good. It felt weird at first but when I started to get into it was amazing.

Insydo: Thriller Live is exactly what it should be. It’s this amazing tribute to the King of Pop and everything that he left behind. Now, I guarantee when you see it you’re gonna be dancing in your seats!

© Video / photo: insydo

Overview of Thriller Live show in Kuwait

Additionally to the backstage insight, some audience members filmed one of the show in Kuwait. This video gives an overview of the performance, with multiple excerpts of songs from the musical. Watch the following songs in the video below: “Remember the time”, “This place hotel”, “Dangerous”, “Off the wall” and the final.

© Video / photo: Nerfi Alnerfi

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