Behind the scenes of Thriller Live

Britt Quentin backstage on the stage of the Lyric theater
© Time out London – Britt Quentin backstage on the stage of the Lyric theater

Casts rarely share behind the scenes’s secrets with the audience. TimeOut London has infiltrated some of London musicals backstage to offer us some unusual moment with performers. They visited the Lyric theater a few months ago.  Time out London introduced us to the Thriller Live backstage with their video report “Behind the scenes”.

Resident director Britt Quentin gives an introduction to the show on the stage of the Lyric theatre, then the young Michael Jackson Kyle Johnson talks about his favorite moment of the show:

“- Britt Quentin: Thriller Live is a real theatrical kind of show. It celebrates the music of the greatest entertainer of all time: Michael Jackson. We’re just here to have a great time, and celebrate the music that has inspired us for more than 40 years and that we perfom every night. This is Kyle Johnson, who plays young MJ: what’s your favorite part about the show?

Kyle Johnson: I like watching Beat it cause they do that backflip, ground flip, chuck out each other in the air.

Here is an extract of the video. It’s followed by a dance demonstration by Kyle Johnson. Finally, David Jordan and Thriller Live’s dance captain give us a private lesson of Michael Jackson’s legendary moonwalk while showing a pice of Dangerous’s choregraphy! Move family room’s furnitures, put on your shoes and try it!

Enjoy this rare backstage instant!


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