Britt Quentin arrangement for “One savior one voice” project

Britt Quentin
© One savior one voice – Britt Quentin

Britt Quentin is part of the album “One savior one voice” as arranger of “Where can I turn for peace?”.

This title has been written by Emma Lou Thayne and composed by Joleen G. Meredith in 1973.
“One savior one voice” project is aimed to gather many arrangers and singers together in order to produce a CD of hymns to religious gospel in different music styles (vocal jazz, R&B gospel, some latin and rock grooves!). Cedric Dent, Anders Edenroth, Bradley Hampton, Don Hart, Mark Kibble, Paul Langford, Phil Mattson, Darmon Meader, Britt Quentin, Jonathan Rathbone, Matthew Selby and Michele Weir arranged 12 titles for this album.

Bradley Hampton, which is behind this project, revealed a story about Britt Quentin arrangement of “Where can I turn for peace?” :

“After awhile the arrangements came piling in. The first was from Britt. Poor Britt! He was my Guinea Pig. In my excitement to have the first chart in my hands I really poured over his piece making edits and additions. I sent it back for his approval. His gentle response was basically, um those changes are nice, but it doesn’t sound like me anymore. Right then I saw that what I was doing was interfering with the plan of the gift. While I kept one or two changes I quickly put it back into Britt’s voice and I learned not to mess with brilliant inspiration.

(Side note to Britt: Thank you for your patience with me and trust. I’m so sorry to have acted in such an ambitious way. I love you. Please forgive me!)”

To get further information about this project and listen to samples, visit “One savior one voice” website.

© One savior one voice – Cover of One savior one voice CD


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