“Britt Quentin and Estonian voices” workshop sessions as if you were there!

Workshop with Britt Quentin and Estonian voices
© Stas Moshkov – Workshop with Britt Quentin and Estonian voices

Britt Quentin and Estonian voices are getting ready for their 2 concerts at Christmas Jazz Festival in late 2011. Watch photos and videos of their workshop sessions, as if you were there!

Britt Quentin and Estonian voices (Kadri Voorand, Mikk Dede, Mirjam Dede, Maria Väli, Arno Tamm and Aare Külama) used to work together regularly during the whole year. Their goal is to perform together 2 concerts in December for Christmas Jazz Festival in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonian photographer Stas Moshkov shot one of their workshop session early 2011. These photos are showing a working time in a pleasant atmosphere. Britt Quentin is bringing positive energy coaching the acapella vocal ensemble as it’s a new band founded early 2011. You can see the pictures below:

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A few months later, member of Estonian voices Kadri Voorand also revealed 2 extracts of rehearsal looking like a final one.

On the first one, Britt Quentin and the estonian vocal ensemble are singing a classic Christmas song: “(Everybody’s Waitin’ for) The Man with the Bag”. This song is only a short extract from their program, but it’s enough to get acapella fans interested in the concert… Moreover in Tallin’s Christmas Jazz Festival!

And on the second one, they’re experiencing a little riff together:

© Videos: Tauno Ãbik

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