Britt Quentin featured “Summertime” with Revive

Britt Quentin singing Summertime with Sam Robson
© Sam Robson music – Britt Quentin singing Summertime with Sam Robson

Britt Quentin got back to acapella music featuring “Summertime” with Revive.

Sam Robson is a musical prodigy and multi instrumentalist.  Sam studied at the Brits School meanwhile he wrote, recorded, produced and arranged for many of the students. He has always been fascinated with the voice as an instrument. Sam has created multi-part harmony versions of some of his favourite songs that he used to share on his YouTube channel.

More recently, Sam Robson arranged a new version of the so classic “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess” opera (1935). The song has been composed by George Gershwin and is a major work that has been covered so many times. “Summertime” became a popular and much recorded jazz standard, described as “without doubt… one of the finest songs the composer ever wrote…“. Britt Quentin features this song with Sam Robson, James Rose, Martynas Vilpisauskas, Philip Kwaku Yeboah and J.j. Hammersley who are part of an upcoming group “Revive”.

As he’s part of musical Thriller Live, Britt Quentin never left acapella music aside and still arranged or produced music. This project is the perfect opportunity for Britt to get back to acappella music! Take a few minutes to appreciate this amazing cover of “Summertime” with a videoclip of the recording session, as Sam Robson used to do.

© Sam Robson music /

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