Britt Quentin introducing Thriller Live tour to UK media

Britt Quentin and Haydon Eshun from Thriller Live west end cast
© Thriller Live – Britt Quentin and Haydon Eshun from Thriller Live west end cast

Helming Thriller Live european tour as resident director, Britt Quentin met a few UK media to present the musical. This is another opportunity to hear a few more stories from behind the scenes.

After an opening in Southport, Thriller Live european tour is now up and running around UK, Ireland and Germany roads. Some english media are regularly invited to attend shows in the different cities they stop and released interviews. Here is the best of these talks, videos and some pictures of photo shoots done for the occasion.

About Thriller Live

Britt Quentin is one of the longest serving lead vocal in the musical. Indeed he has performed Michael Jackson’s music in more than 2300 shows. He also spent 6 years as resident director in the London production. During the first days of this tour, Britt covered the male rock character usually played by Rory Taylor. In Southport and in Aberdeen’s first days, he performed among others “This place hotel”, “Dirty Diana”, “Beat it” and one of Thriller Live’s highlight: “She’s out of my life”. However his main role during this tour will be another one, as he explains: “I’m sort of the MC character. I do a lot of the disco section and some of the more softer ballads”.

His job of resident director includes a lot of responsibilities but his passion is undeniably being on stage every evening“It’s certainly very demanding physically and vocally but it never gets old. In fact, the performance is the most rewarding part for me. My day job is dealing with everything else and the general running of the show so it’s like a sigh of relief to get on the stage and get to do exactly what I love to do”.  

Britt gave a few details about how the production is building the show over the years.The show has really progressed over the years. Given Michael’s vast repertoire, you really can’t fit all of it into two and a half hours, so we’ve exchanged songs over the years. We always start with the iconic numbers – there are certain songs you have to include like Billie Jean and Thriller and we build the show around those“.

Some songs left the show for years and then are back again. “It has evolved quite a bit because his repertoire is so vast. Oftentimes because people come back and see the show over and over again, and because we can change the show, we often will add a song and take something out. The most recent change to date, we brought back Remember the Time. It used to be in the show in the original cast in the West End then it left the show for about five years. Earth Song also left the show for quite a number of years, and also we’ve added Human Nature. It hasn’t been in the show before“.

Britt Quentin explains in a few words how he heard about Thriller Live and joined the cast in 2009.I was performing with another theatre group at the time and one of my colleagues fiancé told me auditions were running for a show called Thriller. I didn’t know it was based in London at the time, after auditioning I got the job and I moved to London ten days later”.

Britt is now part of the touring cast of Thriller Live, and he describes what are the advantages and disadvantages of being on tour.I’ve lived in London for six years, but I’ve never really spent much time outside of London. It’s great to be on the road as you get to see life elsewhere in the country and elsewhere in the world. However, when you travel it becomes your entire life and there is no sense of home – so it has its pluses and minuses“.

The company is keeping the musical evolving as many people come to see it several time since 8 years. “It’s always exciting and fresh. We have a strong core of people that have come to see the show several times. It’s always nice to see them and to let them see different aspects of the show“.

This constant transformation allowed the show to reach another milestone at the beginning of the year. Thriller Live became the 15th longet running musical in the west end.We are over the moon that Thriller has achieved this, It’s an honour to take on this role. But there is also so much pressure from the more accolades you receive, you have to live up to the demand and raise the bar constantly. There is a pressure but more of a privilege“.

About being part of a tribute show to one of his idols, he said: “First and foremost probably the music itself. I’m a Michael Jackson fan so I enjoy being able to sing his music so much, and second of all, he was such an icon worldwide, and just to see the joy on people’s faces and the reaction to his music is quite satisfying. I enjoy the experience the show gives people and watching how they go back in time remembering his music…It’s a privilege to be part of the show“.

Finally his last words are about Michael Jackson himself. “Michael’s music is infectious – you love it no matter what age you are. People are just drawn to it. Because he’s sadly not around anymore, I think this show is one of the few ways that people can experience his music live“.

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An introduction to Thriller Live in video

Blazing minds organized a photo shoot with Sean Christopher, Victoria Pasion and Britt Quentin. You can find some of these beautiful shots in the gallery below. The media also asked Britt to introduce Thriller Live in his own words, here is his speech:

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A moonwalk dance lesson

When staying in Norwich, Sean Christopher gave a moonwalking dance lesson to the young dancers of dance group Legacy. Britt Quentin was also part of this event, and says about sharing his experience with younger performers. “I still remember the advices that I was given all those years ago. I think it’s important to pass that information on to upcoming generations because people need to be inspired.” You can watch the entire video below:

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And finally, check out some photos taken for the promotion of Thriller Live european tour:

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