Britt Quentin introduces Thriller Live australian show

Britt Quentin introducing to Australia and New Zealand tour
© Thriller Live – Britt Quentin introducing to Australia and New Zealand tour

Britt Quentin, as resident director of Thriller Live London show, gave a video interview to introduce future Thriller Live shows in Australia and New Zealand. He talked a few words about his background and about being part of that musical tribute to Michael Jackson. But the main goal of this video is to present the way Thriller Live cast act on stage to celebrate Michael Jackson’s music. Britt Quentin, as lead vocal of this show, relates how performers try to be the most on a par with the King of Pop, if it was possible to equal the legend:

I sort of come from a non-theatrical background and a more concert one. I never really thought I would be in the west end but I’m humbled and honored to be here, no doubt. Let see what the future owes but I couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Michael Jackson was quite a popular guy. He was able to touch people from all different backgrounds: black, white, brown, yellow, red. People all over the world seemed to be able to relate his music: young and old. And I think because his music has been out for so long, then it becomes a generation of people. People from all ages come at this show and they love it. He was able to break all boundaries.

What we try to do is taping to that magic that Michael was able to create on stage. If we can even happen to a bit, a very small portion, I think we’ve accomplished a lot. I think what people can expect is dedication to honoring his music and his work that he’ve done all over the years. I think that they can expect high energy like high acting show so to speak, some fantasting singing, some amazing dance moves. I think they can expect quality and a lot of energy.

The show has been quite in a few places in the world now and everyone seems to love it, so we will be able to bring again some of that magic that he was able to bring to the stage, to Australia and to New Zealand. I think they’ll enjoy it just because we’re a heartfelt show and everybody in the show is a fan of Michael. Everybody love to perform so the goal is to honor Michael and put on a fantastic performance. I think that’s why Australia and then New Zealand will just love the show.

The show will take place in Australia and New Zealand in 2015 first months. If you want to book tickets for any show in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Auckland, check their official website.


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