The story goes that Britt Quentin was born singing, on July 1973 in Michigan. From the age of 6 when most of the boys play on a football court, he was more comfortable about singing in church bands. Britt’s soprano voice has been compared to Michael Jackson since he started to sing. During 11 years, he studied piano and violin and improved his knowledge at Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan), studying music education and vocal performance.

Britt Quentin with vocal group M-pact

Britt Quentin has started his career by giving concerts, teaching music and writing songs all over the world. From the late 90’s, he spent more than a decade being the artistic director of m-pact, “one of the best pop-jazz vocal groups in the world” as reviewed the San Francisco Chronicle. Britt could express all his talents with m-pact with who he recorded 5 CDs: producer, arranger, songwriter and of course singer. These years were full of recognition by both audience and critics with a lot of prestigious awards for the group: “Vocal group of the year” (LA Music Awards) and “Artist of the year” (Seattle Music Awards); or for their music: “Best jazz album”, “Best vocal arrangement”, “Best pop/R&B song” or “Best male vocalist” (the Contemporary A capella Recording Awards).

With his groups, Britt got the chance to share the stage with pop stars like Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, Lionel Richie or jazz artists like Natalie Cole, Herbie Hancock. M-pact’s sounds had also been chosen by Disney to appear on “Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving” movie.

Britt Quentin in Thriller Live for Olivier Awards

Feeling comfortable both on stage and backstage, Britt produced talented vocal groups and arranged songs for the danish baSix or the latvian Cosmos. He didn’t give classical music up and got the lead tenor soloist for Daniel Lentz’s “Café Desire” in 2002.

Since 2009, and as a nod to his relatives who heard Michael Jackson in his voice during his youth, Britt is part of musical “Thriller Live”. He performs as lead vocal in this tribute to the king of pop and as Resident Director of both London and touring productions.

However he never put acapella music aside: Britt is often part of new vocal music projects like arranging pieces (for ex-m-pact member’s Jeff Smith or “One savior one voice” album), featuring songs (on “Summertime”cover by Sam Robson) or giving concerts (with “Estonian voices”in Tallinn).

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© Photos: Thriller Live! (David Levene/ The Guardian) / m-pact (Leach theatre)

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