About Britt Quentin

Singer and musician from an early age

Born in 1973 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, the story goes that Britt Quentin came into the world singing. No doubt that it was only a premise in his future passion!

Starting singing in church bands from an early age, music soon held his attention. Beyond singing, he longed for playing some instruments. During 11 years, Britt Quentin was taught piano and violin. He revealed that his first big dream for life was to become a violinist, but he came back to reality after facing the long way to go to reach the talent of the best violinists in the world. Not forgetting anything about music though, he joined the Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) for his studies, learning more about music education and vocal performance.

These years provided him with a strong technical knowledge and experience.

A resemblance with MJ

Britt Quentin and the young Michael Jackson's wax figure
© Thriller Live – Britt Quentin and the young Michael Jackson’s wax figure

During his childhood, his voice and look were often compared to Michael Jackson’s. Not feeling comfortable with looking like a superstar while he wanted to be an artist of his own, Britt Quentin put Michael Jackson’s music aside for a while. Many years later, he finally stopped rejecting his common points with the King of Pop and started listening to his music again.

This was definitely a sign for his future career around Michael Jackson world! Still nowadays, his likeness with Michael Jackson, both physically and vocally, often attracts attention of the audience and the critics.

With his first bands

From the beginning of his career, Britt Quentin has been part of several bands. In the 1990s, he was a member of a vocal trio named Chosen Vessel with Dana M. Dahlstrom and Colleen A. Gallaher. Their trio appeared on some songs, including doing vocal backgrounds on Emily Danielson’s CD: A Temple of Clay, released in 1995.

M-pact years

Members of vocal group M-pact in 2009
© M-pact – Members of vocal group M-pact in 2009

From the late 90s, Britt Quentin spent more than a decade as part of vocal group M-pact, “one of the best pop-jazz vocal groups in the world” as reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. He joined the vocal ensemble created months before and based in Seattle as the artistic director.

Britt Quentin recorded 5 CDs with M-pact : 3 full-length albums, 1 EP and 1 live CD. Focused on highlighting all aspects of the human voice, their musical repertoire is made of both newly written songs and rearranged a cappella versions of classic music pieces. Britt Quentin’s innovative spirit has been closely involved in the creation process, being at once: producer, arranger, songwriter and of course singer.

These years were full of recognition by both audience and critics with a lot of prestigious nominations and awards for their music. Among others: “Vocal group of the year” (LA Music Awards), “Unsigned Band of the Year” (Billboard magazine), “Best Vocal Arrangement” (the CARA Awards).

Not only that the vocal ensemble gained the respect from professionals and fans in the USA, M-pact’s success goes beyond the border of their own country. The group performed in many famous music festivals worldwide and received a warm welcome in Asia especially.

M-pact group members definitely have more than one string to their bow. In addition to writing music and performing live, they discovered the cartoon’s world as their voices and contemporary sounds have been chosen to appear on the soundtrack of Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving”.

On top of that and over the years, the group shared their knowledge and experiences worldwide. They ran workshops with students and bands pursuing their wish to spread a modern vision of music.

Thriller Live years

Britt Quentin and the west end cast at the Lyric theater, in London
© Thriller Live – Britt Quentin and the west end cast at the Lyric theater, in London

In 2009, following a friend’s advice and a bit by chance, Britt Quentin auditioned for a role in a show that celebrates Michael Jackson music. As a nod to his relatives who’ve heard a resemblance with MJ in his voice during his youth, he was taken on as a lead singer in Thriller Live. And this was only the beginning of a new big phase of his career on the other side of the Pond!

From the Jackson 5 to his solo career, Thriller Live is a musical celebrating the King of Pop work, created by MJ’s longtime fan and friend Adrian Grant. The show is a stunning production which aims to make the audience feel the atmosphere of what a Michael Jackson concert could have been. The tribute is a full performance, providing not only live singing and music, but also impressive visual effects, beautiful and detailed costumes referring to some of the King of Pop most famous looks and high quality dancing, sometimes reproducing the most iconic MJ music videos (like “Remember the time” or “Thriller”). Being a versatile artist since the beginning of his career, Britt Quentin stands out in the musical, in both singing and dancing.

He started performing with Thriller Live cast in Europe and was soon based in London, UK. Another dream come true for any performer: joining a prestigious west end show! He became closely involved with the production when he was appointed as the resident director a few months later. Britt Quentin has then started wearing two hats: preserving the show creators vision and maintaining it on a daily basis ; and performing almost every evening as part of the cast.

In 2016, he left the west end to join the touring production of the show. Still being the resident director, he now has to deal with all challenges of keeping a touring show up. The cast has been performing worldwide, mostly in Europe but also beyond: Macau (2016 and 2017) and Middle East (2019).

Prestigious collaborations

Until today, Britt Quentin got the chance to share the stage with many talented artists like pop stars like Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, Lionel Richie or jazz artists like Natalie Cole, Herbie Hancock. He sometimes mentions these precious experiences as the strongest memorable instants while being part of music bands.

Britt Quentin didn’t give up on classical music. In 2002, he joined some performances for Daniel Lentz’s contemporary classical work “Cafe Desire”, as the lead tenor soloist.

Never putting a cappella music aside

© Ruth Sotnik – Britt Quentin performing during Christmas jazz festival in 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia

Even though Britt Quentin has been busy all these past years with Thriller Live, he never put a cappella music aside: he is regularly joining new vocal music projects like arranging music pieces (for former M-pact member’s Jeff Smith or as part of “One savior one voice” projet with Bradley Hampton), featuring songs (on “Summertime” cover with Sam Robson) or giving concerts (with “Estonian voices” at Christmas Jazz Festival in Tallinn).

Feeling comfortable both on stage and backstage, Britt Quentin produced talented vocal groups and arranged songs for the danish baSix or the latvian Cosmos.

Stay tuned to BrittQuentinMusic.com to check his latest news!

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