Casts of Thriller Live celebrated their 7000th performance

Thriller Live touring cast celebrating 7000th performance in Edinburgh, May 2019
© Edinburgh Evening News – Thriller Live touring cast celebrating 7000th performance in Edinburgh, May 2019 – From left to right: Britt Quentin, Kieran Alleyne, Ina Seidou

After many records broken since its opening, the tribute show to the King of Pop has reached another significant milestone this year. On May 15th, casts of Thriller Live celebrated their 7000th performance, both in the west end and on tour!

2019 or another record breaking year

Celebrating Michael Jackson music, a first version of Thriller Live was firstly performed at the Dominion theatre in London in 2006, 3 years before the opening at the Lyric theatre and while MJ was still alive. In the west end, Thriller Live now has a significant rank among other prestigious musicals. On April 7th, Thriller Live played their 4,625th performance in London, becoming the 13th longest running show in the west end. The tour is also successful, having brought MJ’s legacy to 37 countries worldwide, on 5 continents.

And these are the shared successes from both the west end cast in London and the touring production in Edinburgh that were celebrated last week when the shows counter reached 7000! This new record represents a total of more than 5 million people having watched the tribute to the King of Pop in the past 12 years.

Experiencing Michael Jackson music live

While we are approaching the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death on June 25th, this unexpected and tragic event has certainly played a crucial part in the achievement of the musical. Tribute shows have become the only way left for the fans to experience Michael Jackson music live.

Now definitely counting as a must-see among musicals, Thriller Live might break more records in the future! The casts performances are still being warmly received by the audience: the west end production has recently been extended until April 2020 ; while another tour is already scheduled next year in Europe.

© Photo: Edinburgh Evening News

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