Britt Quentin appears on many CD or DVD as part of vocals, lead vocal, writer, composer or arranger.

Lead vocal CDs

1. You need to know
2. Have a talk with God
3. I found a love in you
4. Night and day
5. I thought you cared for me
6. Jesus to a child
7. My favorite things
8. Northeast wind
9. Over the rainbow
10. Almost like being in love
11. Bluesette
12. Baby I need your loving
13. What are you doing the rest of your life?
14. Northwest passage
M-pact – Live at the triple door
1. Boogie Oogie Oogie
2. Ain’t nobody
3. Somebody love me
4. What if we was cool?
5. If we try
6. Night and day
7. All blues
8. Still the one
9. I found a love in you
10. 29 ways
11. Higher and higher
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M-pact – Limited Edition 7 Songs EP
1. Suddenly You
2. Somebody Love Me
3. Eight Days A Week
4. My Favorite Things
5. Bluesette
6. Over The Rainbow
7. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
M-pact – The carol commission
1. Caroling Caroling
2. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
3. Christmas Time is Here
4. Carol of the Drum
5. Jingle Bells
6. Snowfall
7. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
8. Do You Hear What I Hear?
9. De King is Born Today
10. As December Fades Away
11. Away in a Manger
M-pact – 2
1. If we try
2. Without your love
3. Hold on my heart
4. Fantasy
5. First steps
6. My way
7. 2
8. Under the sun
9. A mile in my shoe
10. Rain


Thriller Live - Speechless
Speechless by Thriller Live cast
Thriller Live cast recorded a special version of Michael Jackson’s song “Speechless” to commemorate the one year anniversary of MJ’s death, on June 25th 2010. Proceeds from this single were donated to the charity War Child. Lead vocals are sang by 6 young MJ in Thriller Live cast (James Anderson, Jean-Mikhael Baque, Kieran Alleyne, Kuan Frye, Mitchell Zhangazha and MJ Mytton-Sanneh) and adults cast (including Britt Quentin) sing vocal backgrounds. You can listen to this new version of “Speechless” on this link.
1. Speechless
Bob Rivers – White trash Christmas
M-pact is part of Bob River’s fifth CD “White trash Christmas”, containing a lot Christmas classic songs parodies. M-pact appears as lead vocal on “The little hooters girls” and as vocal backgrounds on some others.
1. Aquaclaus
2. What if Eminem did Jingle Bells ?
3. Osama got run over by a reindeer
4. White trash Christmas
5. The little hooters girls
6. Be Claus I got high
7. Not a silent night
8. Me and Mrs. Claus
9. Have yourself an ozzy little Christmas
10. Merry Christmas Allah
11. Shoppin around for a Christmas tree
12. I’ll be stoned for Christmas
Winnie the pooh - Seasons of giving - M-pact
Winnie the Pooh – seasons of giving (movie soundtrack)
M-pact also sings for the cinema. The group appears on 2 songs of “Winnie the Pooh: seasons of giving” soundtrack: “Winnie the Pooh” and “Seasons of giving”.
1. Winnie the Pooh
2. Seasons of Giving
3. Hooray, Hooray
4. The Turkey Song
5. Berrily We Roll Along
6. Our Thanksgiving Day
Emily Danielson - A temple of clay
Emily Danielson – A temple of clay
Britt Quentin appears on Emily Danielson’s second disc “A temple of clay” as vocal backgrounds, with his trio of that epoch: Chosen vessel, with Dana M. Dahlstrom and Colleen A. Gallaher. You can hear songs of this release on Daniel Becket’s website, a composer of this CD.
1. Livin’ for Jesus
2. Praise your name
3. River of life
4. Rock of ages medley
5. Everlasting
6. Forgiven
7. My father’s garden
8. Seasons
9. Close to your heart
10. Beautiful savior
11. Amazing grace

Produced & arranged music

Cosmos - Pa un par
Cosmos – Pa un par
Britt Quentin produced songs on second disc “Pa un par” of Latvian acapella band Cosmos. He also arranged “Virtual insanity” (Jamiroquai cover) and “Got to get you into my life”.
Britt said about Cosmos: “This is a phenomenal group which has achieved a lot during two years of its existence. I have worked with many groups, which exists much longer, though they still have a lot to do to achieve what Cosmos has already achieved. They have this desire to learn, struggle, try, and reach high targets. And they will reach them, if they meet right people, as they have targets and energy.”
1. Pirms
2. Blackbird
3. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
4. Change the world
5. Pa un par
6. Mezs
7. Sena dziesma
8. Saullēkts
9. Intermission
10. I can’t dance
11. Virtual insanity
12. Got to get you into my life
13. Billie Jean
14. Dear Friends
15. Saulriets
16. Latvijas Radio Muzikālās Popurijs 2003 medley
Basix - Embodiment
Basix – Embodiment
Britt Quentin produced second CD of Danish acapella group Basix. “Embodiment” is a combination of original songs and covers of iconic hit like “Purple rain” (Prince) or “Come together” (Beatles), which was arranged by Britt.Member of Basix – Morten Kier – who became member of M-pact in 2010, said about their meeting with Britt:”We had long been fans of this innovative American vocal group called M-Pact, so we decided to ask the former soprano and primary arranger and producer, Britt Quentin, if he would produce some of our songs. He even did a brand-new arrangement for us of the Beatles classic “Come Together”.
1. Come together
2. Right now
3. Dining out
4. Purple rain
5. Living and loving it
6. Sweet misery
7. My heart wont work like it used to
8. Fallen
9. If you were my woman
10. Part of me
11. The right way
12. As one
13. Right now Drix remix
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