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Britt Quentin unveiled yesterday more details about “Pastiche”, the title for his new project of show that sounds both audacious and innovative. During the past 10 years, not only that he was the resident director + lead vocalist of Thriller Live around the world, but he also somehow found some spare time to work on this new project. Find below more details about it as well as information on how you can support this project on your side.

“Pastiche”, a modern nod to Broadway

Inspired by 25 years working in the music industry and most likely by the past 10 years working in a successful show from London west end, Britt Quentin started working on a new project. This show is based on the most popular songs from Broadway musicals. A pastiche is “an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period”. As the name suggests, they’re not classic covers like the original ones but have been fully rearranged.

Quoting a few words from the creator of the show:

This show is a modern ‘nod’ to Broadway, using the melodies and lyrics of these songs in a new and interesting way. Whilst all of the songs are indeed from Broadway Musicals, most people won’t realize this because these songs are fairly familiar to the general public. The twist is, these songs are re-arranged, remixed, or mashed-up with top-40 songs from other decades. This is a concert-style, trendy, production show that is equal parts artistic, innovative, and classy, yet edgy, unapologetic, and highly entertaining.

The show is written for 8 singers, and these highly skilled vocalists will tilt the scale towards classy and poetic as they sing in elaborate harmony together, while maintaining dynamic individual solo voices and stage personas. These singers are combined with commercially-trained, but technically advanced dancers who will tilt the scale towards edgy and commercial entertainment. A live band, including a horn section, supports this outfit which stylistically covers everything from Pop, Rock, and R&B, to Jazz, Swing, and Salsa.

Supporting this new project of show

The next step for “Pastiche” to come to life is to get a video recorded, as a sample of the new show. Whereas the project is now fully written, this video would highlight 5 songs with choreographies and staging, involving singers and dancers. This concrete overview would get closer to the final result and would help finding stakeholders that believe and invest in the project.

In order to get that video done, Britt has opened a campaign on a crowdfunding website: IndieGoGo. It allows you to support “Pastiche”, and also gives a lot of details about the project. The page (also containing a short video from Britt) highlights that more than just an idea, the project is completed to some extent. The vocalists cast is already established and people involved are just waiting for the missing funds to be raised to go on step further.

You can support Britt Quentin with his new project on IndieGoGo either by participating to the campaign or sharing the link.

If you wish to contribute, you also have the possibility to choose between 4 perks depending on the amount you want to give:

  • a shout-out,
  • a thank you video,
  • a demo song from the show,
  • receive the video recorded to watch the final result of the crowdfunding campaign.

A nice way to both support arts and get some tangible feedback from your investment.

“Pastiche” explained by Britt Quentin

And guess who is the most appropriate person to defend “Pastiche”? You’ll find more details about this project of show below, by Britt Quentin.

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you’re all keeping safe, and maintaining some sort of peace during this crazy time in our world.

Firstly, let me say a warm “thank you” to all of you who have supported me over the years, in whichever chapter of my life! I am truly touched from all the messages over the years, I really am! I’m not much of a social-media kind of person, as you’ve probably guessed, so… forgive the silence with my responses, but understand that your support is very much appreciated 🙂

Secondly, I was asked to write a little update to let you guys know what I’ve been working on. I’ve had an amazing decade of learning, growing, performing, and being the Resident Director of ‘Thriller Live’, and while it’s been quite challenging, it’s been an amazing experience, to say the least. The experience of running the show has prompted me to create one myself. It’s literally taken 7 years to create it, write the music, record all the demos, and plan all the visual concepts, but, I am so happy with what I’ve created, and the feedback has been very positive!!!

The show: It’s not a legit musical really, it’s more like a concert or production show with little scenes to tell an interesting visual story. I’ve taken old Broadway tunes that the general public would likely recognize, and I’ve mostly done mashups with a top-40 tune from a different era, or a completely different interpretation of the original. It’s “HEAVY” vocals with crazy, interesting harmonies 🙂 I’ve written it for 8 singers and a live band, as well as a super-charged dance team. Stylistically, It’s everything from Pop, Rock, and R&B, to Swing, Salsa, and Jazz. It’s classy but edgy, elegant but unapologetic, artistic but entertaining.

I’ve starting a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, and wondering if you’d all be so kind as to support this as well! I’m raising funds to film a 5-song, watered-down version of the show, and it’s going to take some cash to do so! I’m bringing in some dancers, and I’ve got some singers on board as well. I’m bringing everyone to Vegas for a week to learn the charts, learn all the choreography, stage it, and film it. I’ve had a couple producers interested in the last couple years, and they both said the same thing: “sounds really interesting, when you’ve got something to show me, send it”. This will be a common response, and this is why I need to do this video!

Your support would be GREATLY appreciated, of course! The fundraising window will be fairly short, and we’ve got a lot of funds to raise, so…. fingers crossed, and please help spread the word!

Thanks you guys, I really appreciate the support. And don’t worry if you can’t contribute, I understand the times we’re living in, which is why I’m reaching out to as many people as possible. Help spread the word by sharing the link!!!

With thanks, and much respect,


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