“Earth song” by Thriller Live company, a tribute to the covid-19 frontline fighters

"Earth song" by Thriller Live company, a tribute to the covid-19 frontline fighters
© Thriller Live – Previous and current Thriller Live cast members paying tribute to the covid-19 frontline fighters

Thriller Live faced an unexpected ending to their touring and west end productions this March while the world was fighting the coronavirus pandemic. As a tribute to the covid-19 frontline fighters, they released a new version of “Earth song” by Thriller Live company, recorded remotely from their homes.

A brutal ending for 2 Thriller Live productions

Like most of the shows running in March 2020, Thriller Live had to deal with theater closures required by governments in order to contain the covid-19 outbreak. As a result, the touring cast gave a final performance in Cheltenham on March 14th, without even knowing it. Thriller Live tour 2020 is now suspended until further notice. Most of the remaining dates have been rescheduled to 2021.

In London, the cast had its last performance on March 15th. The show honoring Michael Jackson’s music should have finished its 11-year residency at the Lyric theater on April 26th. Sounding even more like a stroke of bad luck, Thriller Live was only a few shows away from becoming the 11th longest-running musical in the west end.

A creative and moving lockdown collaboration

While the world was facing the biggest lockdown ever, the difficulty also led to amazing creative projects. Thriller Live cast members recorded a new version of “Earth song”, in support for NHS workers and covid-19 fighters.

The closing of concert halls overnight left all theater goers without live entertainment. Thankfully technology leads to new kind of performances during this difficult time. This video offers a very special gift to all the fans of the show from the past 11+ years.

This rendition of “Earth song” by Thriller Live company is the result of a giant lockdown collaboration featuring past and current cast members. Remotely from all over the world but then gathered in this video by MiG Ayesa, it once again highlights the diversity of Thriller Live casts.

“Earth song” is already a song from the show that brings some of the strongest feelings. Obviously the pandemic and lockdown situation drastically increased its moving aspect. “Earth song” or a tribute to the Earth that ironically started to breathe again when humankind was struggling.

6 musicians and 16 lead vocalists singing “Earth song”

Gary Lloyd, Thriller Live director and choreographer, is introducing the tribute summing up the brutal ending of the shows and thanking the NHS workers.

Musicians Ryan Farmery, John Maher, Adam Kovacs, Allan Salmon, Accy Yeats and Jo Phillpotts are playing music for this performance. For the singers Peter Andre (guest singer), Joey James, MiG Ayesa, J Rome, John Moabi, Britt Quentin, Haydon Eshun, Jesse Smith, Rory Taylor, David Julien, Vivienne Ekwulugo, Wayne Anthony-Cole, Ina Seidou, Zoe Birkett, Kieran Alleyne and Adriana Louise are taking part in the project.

Watch below this very special video of “Earth song” sang by the largest Thriller Live cast ever formed!

© Video: Thriller Live

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