Interview of Britt Quentin for BBC Radio Nottingham

Theater royal in Nottingham, UK
Theater royal in Nottingham, UK

As the resident director of Thriller Live tour 2018, Britt Quentin is still a main actor in the show’s promotion. Currently performing in Nottingham until January 13th, he answered Verity Cowley’s questions. Listen again to the whole interview of Britt Quentin for BBC Radio Nottingham and read it on this page!

This new interview was given on January 10th. Britt Quentin explains how challenging it is to perform in a tribute show to Michael Jackson. Indeed, there is a few unavoidable skill that cast members need to be able to learn. Then, living in Las Vegas, Britt Quentin faces the most frequent cliché about his hometown: can the US gambling capital city really be a normal place? Finally, find out which song of Thriller Live show is one of the most powerful for the audience!

Thriller Live in Nottingham

Verity Cowley: What a gray day today, but this will undoubtedly lighten your afternoon. At the moment Nottingham Concert Hall is hosting Thriller Live. Britt Quentin is from Thriller Live but he’s also Michael Jackson in all of his different forms. Thank you so much for coming here.

Britt Quentin: You’re very welcome.

Verity Cowley: What a fantastic show it must be, to be part of.

Britt Quentin: I really enjoy it. It’s a really good show. It feels great, concert vibes, celebrates the music. What more can you ask for?

Verity Cowley: It feels like a concert rather than a play or a stage performance.

Britt Quentin: Definitely! There is no story line. We focus on the music and how he really affected this industry with what he wrote and what he performed and all his iconic dance moves. That’s what we celebrate.

The challenge of paying tribute to Michael Jackson

Verity Cowley: And how are the dance moves?

Britt Quentin: Very difficult! It takes a lot of practice.

Verity Cowley: You know: I have a younger sister, and one of the best thing about having younger sisters is that you can show them stuff. I remember the first time I showed my sister the moonwalk. Her mind was blown: was it the floor moving? No the floor is not moving! Everything is just as it is, that’s him and he’s doing that! And she was watching it over and over and over again.

Britt Quentin: We have to explain it to people too: to this day people still think there are special shoes. But no: it’s just him and technique and his feet. And that’s it.

Verity Cowley: How long did he take you to pick up?

Britt Quentin: Not very long. I’m not fantastic at it. Some of the boy dancers in the show and the guy who portrays Michael are much better than I am. It’s not easy but once you’ve got it, you’ll never forget it.

Verity Cowley: I feel like it’s the kind of thing like a passage that you have to do: the moonwalk.

Britt Quentin: If you want to be in the show you need to learn how to do it, just to say you’ve done it.

Verity Cowley: Is there anything else that you would say is a no-no unless you can do this from Michael Jackson that you’re not allowed on the stage?

Britt Quentin: I would say vocally you’d better have his range. You can be Barry White or somebody like that and sing Michael Jackson. Having a pretty high voice to sing Michael Jackson helps.

Verity Cowley: You are the lead vocalist?

Britt Quentin: I’m one of them, yes.

Verity Cowley: So how is your range?

Britt Quentin: I might not be able to tell from a speaking voice right now. But I can sing in his range.

Las Vegas as home

Verity Cowley: You are obviously over here from the States. You were just saying while we were listening to the song that you live in Las Vegas.

Britt Quentin: I do. Las Vegas is home. I love it.

Verity Cowley: I just don’t see Las Vegas as being home for anyone! Does that sound mean? It’s not supposed to be.

Britt Quentin: No. People do actually live there. Last time I checked I think there was over 2 million people that live in Las Vegas.

Verity Cowley: So it’s not just the Strip then?

Britt Quentin: No. And it’s funny because what we see on the television is the Strip and night life and the parties and the shows and the gambling and the lights. And that’s about a 4 and a half miles radius. But in the other 50 or 60 miles of the city, it’s very quiet.

Verity Cowley: Any fountains in the other areas?

Britt Quentin: There are fountains.

Verity Cowley: Not dancing fountains?

Britt Quentin: No! In some of the shows but that’s about it.

Verity Cowley: I can’t imagine someone living in Las Vegas and popping out to get some milk or do shopping, I can’t imagine that.

Britt Quentin: That happens! It’s a normal city.

Verity Cowley: Do you have to go the the Strip? Do you have to go to that area?

Britt Quentin: To be honest the locals avoid it like the plague. It’s like a New Yorker is never going to Times Square, or Londonners don’t really want to go to Picadilly Circus or something like that. There is too many tourists. I live about 10 miles away from all of that and that’s where I stay… Unless I’m on the road with Thriller!

The power of “Can you feel it”

Verity Cowley: Thank you for coming and telling us about it! You did suggest that we listen to “Can you feel it”: why is this one so special?

Britt Quentin: When you perform the show, during certain songs you see the faces of the people. This is one of those. It closes the first act for us. And there is a lot people that is singing along. Also it’s time to start to get up and dancing around. This feels like “Wow!”. This is what his music does for people. It’s that connection that you have with the audience: they’re just loving their lives during this song and it’s great.

You can listen to the full interview of Britt Quentin for BBC Radio Nottingham with Verity Cowley here (interview starting around 21:00).

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