Interviews of Britt Quentin for Thriller Live Macau

Thriller Live cast members promoting the musical in Macau
© Live Love Macau – Thriller Live cast members promoting the musical in Macau – From left: Cleo Higgins, Britt Quentin, Shaquille Hemmans, Rory Taylor

Thriller Live cast of Macau spent a lot of time promoting the musical to Chinese media.

Webzines TimeOut Honk Kong and Live and Love Macau received Britt Quentin, Cleo Higgins, Rory Taylor and Shaquille Hemmans for exclusives interviews. As usual, lot of questions are about Michael Jackson and how they deal with performing such a legend. Find out more about Britt Quentin’s confidences!

Interview for TimeOut Hong Kong

TimeOut Hong Kong: How do you approach the challenge of filling the shoes of a legend? And how does it feel to contribute to keeping MJ’s legacy going?

Britt Quentin: My approach to filling the shoes of a legend is to first remind myself that I will never be Michael Jackson! There will never be another. What I try to do is connect with the magic he was able to bring to his music and his performing. Then I study him and focus on what I can try to recreate both vocally and physically.

TimeOut Hong Kong: What is your favourite song to perform in the show, and why?

Britt Quentin: My favorite song to perform changes all the time! Today and these days it’s Human Nature. It’s a beautiful song with a great melody that fits my voice really well.

TimeOut Hong Kong: What sort of obstacles are there in staging a tribute production like this?

Britt Quentin: I think the biggest obstacle in singing this show is trying live up to the perfection that Michael was. Most people who come to see the show are fans of Michael, so we must live up to the perfection!

TimeOut Hong Kong: Who is the show for? Super fans or novice MJ admirers?

Britt Quentin: The show truly works for everyone. We cover quite a few decades of Michael’s music, so people of all ages seem to enjoy it. Even people who aren’t super fans usually enjoy the show because it’s very entertaining.

© TimeOut Hong Kong

Interview for Live and Love Macau

Live and Love Macau: First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Britt Quentin: I’ve been singing ever since I was a kid, but believe it or not, playing the violin was my first love. After studying music in college, I joined a funk-pop-jazz acapella group, M-pact. I recorded a few albums and toured with them for 12 years, and held the position as Musical Director for 11 years. Then I left them and joined the Thriller Live about 7 years ago.

Live and Love Macau: What’s challenging and rewarding about what you do?

Britt Quentin: I think what’s challenging is staying vocally healthy and fit. Michael Jackson has an extremely high voice. It’s very difficult to have that type of stamina in the range that he sings in, especially when we generally do 8 shows a week. However, I find it rewarding when I’m able to achieve it and see the amazing reaction of the audience.

Live and Love Macau: What do you love most about Michael Jackson?

Britt Quentin: Michael was probably the only human being to ever walked this planet to this day. He has been able to touch everybody, no matter how old you are, your race, what language you speak, what your beliefs are, your sexual orientation, whatever.

Live and Love Macau: If Michael was with us right now, what would you like to say to him?

Britt Quentin: Oh wow… I would say Thank you. That would probably be the only thing that would actually get out… and I think he would get everything that I was trying to say.

Live and Love Macau: What advice would you offer to someone considering your career path?

Britt Quentin: I’d say learn your craft. Some people think that just because they have a hobby or they’re doing something they like, that they could just walk into an audition and get the job. As a person that sits on both sides of the audition table, learn your craft. Practice, take classes, exercise, look the part etc… There are a million people out there trying to get the same job so you have to stand out!

© Live and Love Macau

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