Introduction to Thriller Live shows in Dubai by Britt Quentin and Ina Seidou

Thriller Live in Dubai 2019 - The insider
© The Insider – Interview of Ina Seidou and Britt Quentin

After a first appearance in June 2011 in Abu Dhabi, the tribute show to Michael Jackson came back to the United Arab Emirates for a residence of 7 shows. In order to promote the event, the cast was invited to give an introduction to Thriller Live shows in Dubai, followed by a photo shoot in front of Dubai opera.

Dubai was the second stop of Thriller Live 2 weeks tour in Middle East, after Kuwait. While this region of the world is becoming more and more opened to Western culture, prestigious shows from all over the world are now touring there. And this year, Thriller Live was one of them!

After the interview of Britt Quentin for Thriller Live in Dubai done by Mark Lloyd for Dubai eye, watch this one starring Britt Quentin and Ina Seidou for the media from Dubai, The insider, and its transcription below.

Inspired by Michael Jackson

Britt Quentin: The show itself is a celebration of Michael Jackson music. It’s not really like a legit musical where there is a storyline with dialogs, and then we sing, and then we act, and then we sing again. It’s all singing. So it feels like a Michael Jackson concert.

Ina Seidou: When I was a little child, I’ve been watching his videos, trying to do his dance moves with my brothers in the living room. I’ve been inspired by him a lot in my life.

Britt Quentin: Singing and dancing definitely help, but I think he was such a character. He was sort of an idea. Being able to sing and dance is one thing, but you also have to be able to capture his mannerisms. There will never be another Michael Jackson.

Dealing with costume changes during the show

Ina Seidou: How many costumes? Good question! I think about 12. And some changes are really quick!

Britt Quentin: Sometimes we have to wear a costume underneath one costume just because it’s too fast to actually change so we take the one costume off and the other one is on underneath and then we’re back on stage. So yes we have a lot of costume changes.

Ina Seidou: Everyone is so passionate in the show and does it with so much fun and passion. So I think Michael Jackson would have been proud. I hope so.

You can watch the whole video of the interview below.

© Photo/video: The insider

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