Launch of a new Thriller Live tour in Oxford

Thriller Live cast on the stage of New theater in Oxford
© New theater Oxford – Thriller Live cast on the stage of the New theatre in Oxford

Last Thursday, the renewed cast of Thriller Live started another tour in Oxford, UK. They performed 4 first shows at the New Theatre, which has often hosted the touring production. Already knowing about some stops in UK, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Austria, the coming destinations are slowly unveiled too.

A renewed dancer cast

The dancer cast has been mainly renewed, keeping only Lee Pratt and Kevin Heatherson now as dance captain from the previous tour. As it’s often the case, former cast members are coming back: Daniel Bradford who was part of Macau cast; Shakara Brown and Penny Smart who used to perform in the West end.

And all the others are making their debut with Thriller Live this September after a few weeks of rehearsals. The new dancers you’ll watch on stage in the coming months are: Mitchell Eley, Zec Luhana, Danyul Fullard and Rishard-Kyro for the boys; Sian Nabbs, Amelia-Annie Layng, Ella Goodwin and Nadia Robinson for the girls.

A new distribution for lead vocalists

On the other hand, lead vocalists from the previous tour are mostly back on the road. Resident director Britt Quentin is still part of the journey as well as the rocker Rory Taylor and the female vocalist Ina Seidou. Joining them, American singer Trace Kennedey is bringing his freshness and dynamism to the show playing the host of the show. After having been a contestant for X Factor US with his group Stereo Hoggz in 2011 and performing solo in America, Trace Kennedey is finally joining a musical, bringing an RnB touch in venues. 

As well as for the dancers, some lead vocalists are coming back on the stage of Thriller Live. Ione Townsend is sharing the role of leading lady with Ina Seidou: two powerful women in their own style. 

After a year break from the show, Tyrone Lee will pay tribute again to Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson role is also held by a new performer replacing Eddy Lima. Recently famous for having reached the final of X Factor UK with his group 5 After Midnight in 2016, Kieran Alleyne is not so new to Thriller Live though. He is joigning again the company after being a young MJ when the musical was launched in the west end in 2009. 9 years later, he’s now playing the grown King of Pop. This unusual comeback is a major event for the production which largely spread the information on social media.

On this new tour, Britt Quentin now performs the previous role of Shaquille Hemmans, singing “Remember the time“, “Wanna be startin’ somethin’” and “Dancing machine” among others.

© Video: Olaf Br.

Speeches adjusted

The last major updates of the show took place in October 2015 when the creative team came up with a new opening, changed visual effects and updated the set list adding 4 songs: “Who’s loving you”, “Rockin’ Robin”, “Remember the time” and “Human nature”.

Since then, only few adjustments have been done mainly about speeches between songs. This time again, the opening speech has been transformed, now longer and still interactive with the crowd.

A coming world tour for 2019

Not all dates and countries have been officially released as of now. However this coming Thriller Live tour is being revealed gradually.

Europe has been the only destination of the previous tour but this time the show will reach Persian Gulf and Asia. Next year the cast will perform again in the United Arab Emirates (after a short appearance in 2011). They will also add new country to the list of already performed places with Kuwait.

More dates and more cities will be released in the coming months, stay tuned!

© Source photo: NewTheatreOxford Instagram page

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