M-pact celebrates 20 years of success!

© M-pact – Members of vocal group M-pact

M-pact was founded 20 years ago, on June 1995. For this special occasion, the group uploaded a video trying to summarize 20 years of their brilliant music.

Discover a few archive images from these 20 past years and a lot of music extracts. Short to appreciate everything, but enough to feel like listening their CDs for hours!

As Britt Quentin was a member of the acapella group from 1997 to 2009, he also has a special place in the group story, and in the video.

Take a look at this flashback of 5 minutes and a half representing 20 years of career:

Britt Quentin music shares other flashback videos, from m-pact concert in Seoul in 2008.

Wish you at least 20 more years of success and rewards with current members: Fletcher Sheridan, Jarrett Johnson, Marco Cassone, Jeff Smith, Morten Kier and Trist Curless!

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