M-pact performing in Seoul

M-pact poster of concerts in Seoul, South Korea
© M-pact – M-pact poster of concerts in Seoul, South Korea

M-pact is still giving concerts all around the world. They toured in Japan and Korea last summer, singing acapella music. Find out photos and videos of their shows in Asia, especially of M-pact performing in Seoul.

M-pact already toured the world performing his acapella best songs. Last summer, the group passed on their foreign trip giving a few concerts in Japan and Korea. And it looks like Asia inspired them! They recorded an new version of Korean pop song “Horang nabi”. You can listen to this groovy gift on M-pact official website!

They performed in Seoul Art Center, South Korea on August, 2008. Here are some videos of the show if you missed it!

– “If we try“, written and lead vocal by Britt Quentin :

– An amazing Beatles cover of “Come together” :

– One more cover of classic “My Funny Valentine” :

© Videos: M-pact official website

More static moments now, but still interesting souvenirs from the Japan & Korean summer tour in 2009. You’ll be involved backstage with the group, and will share their success in Asia with an autograph signing event in Seoul!

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© Photos: M-pact MySpace / M-pact Facebook

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