Review of Thriller Live UK tour in Crawley

Thriller Live tour at the Hawth, in Crawley
Thriller Live tour at the Hawth, in Crawley

In October 2017, Thriller Live began a new tour across UK. As usual, some adjustments make this show remaining fresh. Find out all details in this review of Thriller Live UK tour in Crawley – the second stop.

More than one month after the end of its Macau residency, Thriller Live tour is back to Europe! This concert that celebrates Michael Jackson’s music is the perfect illustration of a lasting and successful show since it began touring in 2007, and since the start of the London residency at the Lyric Theatre in January 2009. After having played thousands of performances in tens of countries, Thriller Live is still perfectly fashionable! This article is a review of Thriller Live UK tour in Crawley, detailing the last shows given at the Hawth Theatre on October 27th and 28th.

A popular set list

Since the past 2 years, there were very few updates of Thriller Live set list. After the Macau’s reduced songs list, the show is back in Europe to its full version of 2 hours and a half. Starting in the 1960s with the Jackson 5 period to the early 2000s, you’ll get a sample of MJ’s major hits. From disco to pop through rock, Michael Jackson left behind an eclectic legacy: “ABC”, “Blame it on the boogie”, “Rock with you”, “Can you feel it”, “Beat it”, “Smooth criminal”, “Bad” and of course “Thriller”… Only to name a few! Today being one of the most prestigious tribute show to the King of Pop, Thriller Live is a good way to experience again Michael Jackson’s legendary music, his most iconic dance moves and his vast and legendary outfits collection

New cast members

The most obvious change relates to the cast led by resident director Britt Quentin. Indeed, new singers and dancers are now sharing the stage with cast members carrying on from Macau: Katrina Ridley, Melissa Amy Lee, Antony Morgan, Tony Ben Azouz, Joe François and Georgina Mannifield. Around half of the dancers are new recruits: Kevin Heatherson, Emily Jayne Bailey, Gustave Die, Paris Johnson, Lee Pratt and Emma-Leigh Rose. About the singers, they’re almost the same previous cast with Britt Quentin, Rory Taylor, Shaquille Hemmans and Adriana Louise going on. Yet 2 new lead vocals have joined:

– Brasilian Eddy Lima is now performing MJ’s character, following Sean Christopher.

– Dutch Ina Seidou is sharing the female lead vocal role with Adriana Louise.

A brilliant new lead vocal duet

As Britt Quentin often plays the role of the host, he shares many scenes with the female lead vocal. And Ina Seidou and Britt Quentin together on stage is precisely the most perfect harmony! “Human nature” and “I just can’t stop loving you” become even more powerful through their voices. Ina Seidou and Britt Quentin both have in common this amazing ability to make their singing and dancing looking effortless. They both have this contagious delight while performing, which is caught from the first row to the very last seat. They’re both impressive for their high quality acting while marking with their own style. For sure they’re a brilliant and significant duet in the show!

A new young MJ

When Ina Seidou is not performing the lead vocal role, she’s still part of the show. Actually Ina Seidou becomes the young Michael Jackson, usually played by a kid in the west end. Tour rarely offers the crowd a young MJ on stage as kids are not part of wandering casts. And her presence on tour is definitely heightening the Jackson 5 songs. More performers on stage for a much more dynamic and festive section!

Renewed speeches

Thriller Live is not a common musical: it has no real tale behind and the show is more like a concert. However, there are a few speeches between songs, pointing out landmarks of Michael Jackson’s career. Some of these talks have been refreshed recently like the one announcing “Man in the mirror”. Additionally, the song “This place hotel” is now starting with a new introduction, catching the audience’s attention during the few seconds the light is turned off. Just like an continuous performance until the curtain comes down!

Hoping reading this review of Thriller Live UK tour in Crawley made you want to watch the show! A few more stops are left… Book your tickets for Thriller Live UK tour 2017 before it’s too late!

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