Successful comeback for Thriller Live in Macau

Thriller Live at the Parisian Macau
Thriller Live at the Parisian Macau

Thriller Live Macau ended its residency on September 3rd. For the occasion they performed a show different from the west end one. Find out all details here.

During a bit more than 4 months in China, the cast gave 8 shows a week at the Parisian theatre, stage of the newly opened hotel and casino of the Parisian Macau. The resort celebrates its 1st year anniversary today on September 13th, still dealing with aftermaths of typhoons Hato and Pakhar that caused many damages at the end of August. Unfortunately typhoons also affected Thriller Live Macau with 4 cancelled shows on the week they reached South China coasts. This is the second time the cast settles at the Parisian Macau after a month and a half stay in late 2016. Indeed Thriller Live was chosen to be the very first show performed after the opening of the resort.

The Parisian is a big and impressive resort looking like a mini Paris. There are French clichés on every street corner like French cancan dancers and French songs you can listen to everywhere. This place feels like a little spirit of France in China! You can get an insight of it by watching the photo album at the end of this page.

A made-to-measure show for Macau

The Macau show is quite different from the current one in London west end or other tours. The main change is it has been shortened to 1 hour and a half instead of the 2 hours and a half in its original version. There is only one part in Thriller Live Macau show versus 2 in the original one. Thus, many songs are missing, especially in the first part of the west end version. Only a few hits of the first part have been taken on to be performed in Macau. Between all removed songs some were particularly missed like “Remember the time”, “Off the wall”, “Get on the floor”, “Rock with you” and “Can you feel it”. The cast didn’t perform “Rockin’ Robin”, “Show you the way to go”, “Blame it on the boogie” and “Shake your body (down the ground)” either.

Even for a production like Thriller, it’s hard to fully fill the Parisian theatre and its 1,200 seats 8 times a week during 4 months. However Asian crowd is always particularly expressive, enthusiast and energic. They always gave a warm welcome to artists on stage.

Then I’d really like to point out the high-end characteristics of the Parisian theatre. The stage is really larger than many others and the cast looked at ease with their brand new office. Seats are very comfortable too and enough spaced out. But most of all the sound is amazing. Definitely a top of the range music live experience!

A gift for Chinese fans

On the other hand Thriller Live Macau’s audience received a very special gift! They could enjoy extra time with some cast members after every show. Maybe this is the reason why shows in China have been shortened. At the end of every performance, some singers and dancers were used to go out of the theater to do photo shoots with their fans. Especially in Asia, crowd is always thrilled when hearing they can share a few moments with artists they love.

Regular and new artists on stage

A part of Thriller Live Macau cast has also been renewed. Indeed many of the previous dancers performed for the last time in April in Leeds (UK). So new dancers replaced them starting in Macau. All talented male lead vocals carried on from the previous UK tour including Britt Quentin, Shaquille Hemmans, Rory Taylor and Tyrone Lee, as well as Chevone Stewart as female lead vocal. She shared her role with Adriana Louise, coming from the USA. This Macau residency also received many west end singers that temporarily replaced tour cast members such as Shanice Steele, Alex Ko, Ione Townsend, or Reece Bahia. Every one of them successes in bringing Michael Jackson’s music back to life with a lot of talent in their own style… With a special mention to Chevone Stewart and her amazing voice, filling the whole theater with soul music.

Finally and not surprising, like in most of touring casts, there was no young Michael Jackson in the Macau show. It should be too complicated to involve young artists all over the world in the long term when they still need to go to school.

Macau show set list

So the most significant update is about the show content and its succession. The production team reviewed the songs order to fit the best the duration of an hour and a half. Of course they kept all iconic sections like “Dangerous”, “Smooth criminal”, “Beat it”, “Man in the mirror”, “Billie Jean” – absolutes highlights of the show! This shortened version is more intense for both artists on stage and the crowd! Some arrangements have been modified to fit the renewed performance. “I just can’t stop loving you” is a brilliant example with a new ending. Maybe some temporary arrangements should go back to Europe too! As a reminder, you can still buy your ticket for the coming Thriller Live European tour starting in October. Check all stops here.

You can find below the shortened set list performed by Thriller Live Macau cast:

– History
– Don’t stop til’ you get enough
– Who’s loving you
– I’ll be there
– I want you back
– This place hotel (originally Heartbreak hotel)
– Dangerous
– She’s out of my life
– Wanna be startin’ something
– Working day and night
– Dancing machine
– P.Y.T
– Beat it
– The way you make me feel
– I just can’t stop loving you
– Human nature
– Smooth criminal
– Dirty Diana
– Man in the mirror
– They don’t care about us
– Earth song
– Billie Jean
– Thriller
– Bad
– Black or white

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