3000 shows for Thriller Live in the west end!

Thriller Live cast celebrating 3000 shows in the west end
© Irina Chira for Thriller Live – Thriller Live cast celebrating 3000 shows in the west end

Thriller Live reached many milestones in last 2015 and early 2016. The show put on in a new version in Octobre 2015: with another opening, 4 more songs and more special effects. And it seems that innovation brings luck!

Thriller Live became part of London’s most favorites shows on September 2014 when it reached the 20th rank of longest-running musical in west end. A year and a half later, it overtook the number of performances of 3 famous but closed long running musicals in England’s capital city: “Grease!” (2,529 shows), “Oliver!” (2,618 shows) and “Evita” (2,900 shows).

First, on 16 December 2015, Thriller Live became the 17th longest-running musical in London west end. That record was previously held by Evita, a show opened in 1978. Producers Paul Walden & Derek Nicol are grateful about this new rank: “Becoming the 17th Longest-running West End Musical of all time is yet another amazing milestone in the history of our show. Very few productions have ever run this long in the West End and we are grateful to the fans of Michael Jackson who have taken the show to their hearts.“. Next step will be getting to the 15th step of the rankings overtooking “Me and my girl” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”‘s musicals (respectively 3,303 and 3,357 performances). You can read more information about the 20 longest-running musicals in west end on the Society of London theatre’s website.

Next, on January 22nd, Thriller Live celebrated its 7th birthday in the west end. Then, while its 8th year has started, the musical performed its 3000th show (on March 12th). The company had an aftershow party at London’s Planet Hollywood to celebrate this new milestone. Few pictures of this event can be seen in the below gallery, and more on Thriller Live official website, clicking here.

And the show won’t stop breaking records as it extends at the Lyric Theatre to 23 April 2017. That will give you many new opportunities to see this tribute to the King of Pop… And new records to be broken! Congratulations to the Thriller Live company!

© Photo taken by Irina Chira for Thriller Live

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