Thriller Live cast is standing for Black Lives Matter movement

Thriller Live standing for Black Lives Matter
© Thriller Live – Thriller Live cast members standing for Black Lives Matter movement

The death of George Flyod in the US caused the start of a worldwide protest against police brutality and racism. As many public figures, they recorded a new music video. Thriller Live cast is standing for Black Lives Matter.

Standing against racism

Respect has always been a value strongly supported by Michael Jackson during his whole career. So does Thriller Live, highlighting the many powerful messages from the King of Pop songs.

Anyone who has ever seen a Thriller Live show can tell at which point it demonstrates the strength of diversity. Diversity as gathering talents no matter what their background, country, art, age, gender, orientation are. Diversity as learning from each other and growing. Diversity as feeling stronger together. Therefore it’s no surprise that Thriller Live cast shared its support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

In April, Thriller Live cast released a video of “Earth song” paying tribute to covid-19 frontline fighters. With the world still fighting covid-19, most countries are still on lockdown. Consequently, this new video in support of the Black Lives Matter movement is also the result of another lockdown collaboration. This time, the cast chose a hit from the Jackson Five: “I’ll be there”.

A new and moving version of “I’ll be there”

The video is starting with members of Thriller Live company holding signs with messages against racism, then showing the performers singing from their homes.

Singers Felipe Adetokunbo, Pedro Henrique, Isacque Lopez, Diego Jimenez, Wayne Anthony-Cole, Haydon Eshun, Samantha Johnson, Zoe Birkett, Joey James, Britt Quentin and Prinnie Stevens are taking part in the project.

Watch below this video of “I’ll be there” in a very special version.

© Video: Thriller Live

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