When Thriller Live cast meet Michael Jackson!

Britt Quentin and the young Michael Jackson's wax figure
© Thriller Live – Britt Quentin and the young Michael Jackson’s wax figure

Thriller Live cast members David Jordan, Britt Quentin and Eshun Gopal (young MJ)  met the 3 new wax figures of Michael Jackson on the stage of the Lyric theatre.

These figures were made for Madame Tussauds (London) to celebrate the 4th death anniversary of Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2013. They had a brief stopover at the Lyric theatre, which hosts the famous musical as a tribute to the King of Pop, before getting to their final place: Madame Tussauds London.  3 members of Thriller Live cast had the privilege to discover these wax figures in preview. The 3 Michael Jackson, portray him as a young boy in his Jackson 5 days, as a more mature King of Pop in his Dangerous era and in his later “This is It” phase.

“We usually have just one figure of Michael Jackson in the attraction and it is one of the most photographed and hugged in the entire attraction”, explains Nicole Fenner, Madame Tussaud’s PR Manager. “Now these three figures are about to be brought together in London for the first time and we’ve had huge interest. We’ve also prompted a lot of debate on social media about his best era with Thriller winning in the outfit stakes, Billie Jean being named his best song and Bad topping the album chart! The fact is he had so many different looks and was so inventive, it is a huge area for debate and personal preference, but we’re happy we’ve got a fitting tribute to his career and we’re sure his fans will agree.”

Britt Quentin said about his favorite adult Michael Jackson’s wax figure, “This is actually my favorite one I think, mostly because the detail in his face, for this era of Michael I think the detail in his face is absolutely fantastic. Everything from the nose to the skin tone to the sort of the blotchy skin tones that he had at this point in his life. I just think it’s fantastic.”

Check this english.cntv.cn link to see a report video of this day at Lyric theatre.

© Photos: flyingmusic.com / Ian Gavan / Getty Images

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