“Thriller Live” review of july 2015

The Lyric theater, in London west end
The Lyric theater, in London west end

Although Thriller Live is in its 7th year of performing in London west end, the Lyric Theatre is still crowded! Last Sunday the atmosphere was surrealist as the audience was over-active!

Thriller Live is more a celebration of Michael Jackson’s music than a show trying to copy the king of pop. 30 of MJ’s successes make up this performance which is not a musical among others: there is no story told, except a few interactions with the audience and narrative speeches relating Michael Jackson’s carreer like album sales or awards won. They also add several effects on screens that shows introductions to some songs or images of MJ. This helps reflecting the atmosphere of some scenes like words of peace and war passing all around the stage during “They don’t care about us”. And it reinforces the modern and visionary part of the king of pop during the performance!

The show almost follows the chronology of MJ’s carreer, the first part including songs of the Jackson 5 and the early Michael Jackson’s carreer, and the second part with much recent musics.

Thriller Live - Lyric Theatre - London west end

A lot of pieces are adjusted and modernized like “Beat it” with its break dance choregraphy, “Dirty Diana” and “This place hotel” with their sensual dancing! But Thriller Live becomes the most disturbing when Dajiow arrives on stage as a stunning cover of the king of pop: make up, costume and accessories, moonwalk and gestures both looks like Michael Jackson himself! Confirmed by the audience wonder at that moment, the show takes on a new dimension with “Dangerous”: Dajiow coming on stage, followed by dancers that play an incredible choregraphy looking like MJ ones: breath-taking!! Same impression on brilliant choregraphies by Gary Lloyd on “They don’t care about us”, “Beat it”, “Smooth criminal” and “Thriller”. Song, music and movements are so well coordinated!

Thriller Live cast and creative feel also concerned about honoring MJ messages he was fighting for during his whole life with “History”, “They don’t care about us”, “Man in the mirror” or “Earth song”. No doubt that the cast diversity helps a lot giving values of respect and tolerance, but the determination on their faces and the strength in their eyes is so impressive! It should reminds us that even in 2015 equality isn’t won yet for everyone!

Thriller Live - Lyric Theatre - London west end

All artists on stage are super-talented: brilliant band that appears to the audience several times, dancers keeping on smiling and moving from the top of their head to their fingertips and singers playing Michael Jackson songs with their own particular voices. All the company always appears solid and involved and gives a show full of energy without any down-time! However I’m still amazed to notice how this show highlights individual talents as well as the group looks so knowing!

If you like Michael Jackson’s music, you’ll be glad to attend Thriller Live! Do not expect to see only one singer singing and dancing like MJ, they’ll be 5 lead vocals on stage. You’ll appreciate some a bit more than others with their own styles but one thing for sure: they all bring back MJ to life in a stunning show!!

For an overview video of Thriller Live show, check out videos of West end live festival!

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