Throwback to West end live 2013 with Thriller Live!

Thriller Live cast performing at west end live 2013
© West End News – Thriller Live cast performing at west end live 2013

As next week end London will host another West end live edition, it’s time to look backward to previous years: when Britt Quentin was still part of the west end musical.

Britt left is position of resident director and lead vocalist in the west end production of Thriller Live last month, but before he used to be part of west end live event. He was mainly on stage with the rest of the cast, but also gave a few interviews to introduce Thriller Live to the audience of this theatre lovers event. You can watch one of these below, from 2013. Britt Quentin and another lead vocal are sharing their feelings about west end live, the impact on the show and Thriller Live itself.

Britt Quentin: We do it every year: it’s always an amazing crowds and they love it I think, hopefully!

Interviewer: How important do you think it is having a band here today that gives people a chance to have a taste or some of the magic in the west end?

Britt Quentin: I think it’s very important. Most of these people probably are regular theatre goers. So it’s nice for them to get a sort of taste, just a bit of each show, to decide whether they’re going to see it or not. And we always get a good response after West end live.

Interviewer: For anyone who hasn’t already guess, can you tell us which show you’re from and a little about the madness in Thriller?

Andrea: Thriller Live is a celebration of Michael Jackson work, music and I guess spirit in general. It’s an awesome show, celebrating probably the greatest entertainer that ever lived. And so we just do that in dance, in song and that little special something that we bring to the west end. We’re not a traditional theatre show. We got real singers, real dancers, people from non theatre backgrounds. Michael brought all that realness to music and to the pop world so we kind of try to do the same thing.

Britt Quentin: Michael was a fantastic songwriter, a phenomenal singer, an incredible dancer. He was a pioneer of so many different kinds of music videos and things like that. We try to create all of those things on stage. So I think that’s something that separate us a little bit from other shows and I think that’s something that people can expect from our show particularly. We try to tap in all  different aspects of what made Michael Jackson essentially who he was. It’s song after song after song: there’s no real dialogue or acting. It’s just like a concert vibe, just taping in the all of Michael’s different theatrical aspects and his music videos, doing some of those iconic dance moves he pioneered, that the world never saw until Michael came along. We’re just trying to bring all of those things into the show so I think that’s what people can expect from us.

Andrea: And I think beyond just the artistical genius and icon that he was, one of the things we really try to incorporate in the show is the spirit of Michael. He was always trying to do better and represent something positive and something worth, hoping for, in the world. And that is a key aspect of the show as well. It’s not just how great he could dance and how great he could sing. It’s also a little bit about what drove him to be so good of what he did.

Interviewer: The young fans watching this who hope to one day be west end stars themselves. What advice will you give them?

Britt Quentin: Study, practice. For all of us in Thriller Live, this is our passion. So we’ve studied it, we’ve rehearsed, we’ve practiced it over and over. I think more importantly none of us ever give up. We kept going to the auditions, we kept taking lessons, we kept getting the gigs and things like that. You’ll get the eventuality if you just keep trying. That’s the important thing: it’s keep trying.

And here are some musical moments:

– Britt Quentin singing “Rock with you”:

– Thriller Live cast performing “Bad”:

– And the all 2013 Thriller Live show is available on this video! First of all the Jackson 5 sang “ABC” and “I want you back”, then the rest of the cast came of stage to perform “Blame it on the boogie”, “Rock with you”, “Don’t stop ’til you get enough”, “Can you feel it”, “Smooth criminal”, “Bad” and “Black or white”. It’s not the whole show, but it gives a very great and complete overview of it!

So, if you don’t know what to do next week end in London, then meet all of the most successful cast of West end!! Take a look at the schedule!

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